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How Does Screen Printing And Digital Transfer Compare For Martial Arts Clothing Decoration?

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Screen printing is a classical printing technique where we force dye through a silkscreen onto the garment. We do digital printing pretty much the same way. Although for this, we print the design on paper first using a digital printer before transferring it to the garment.

Comparing the two, digital printing is much easier and cost-effective as there are no setup tasks and costs.

With screen printing, we have to set a screen for each color the design takes. Meaning, the more complex your design is, the more screens we’re going to need. This increases the manual labor and, ultimately, the cost of printing.

Digital printing, as said, has no setup costs. It can print multiple colors in one go, so the fee is a flat rate per garment.

Another advantage of digital printing is that it offers more control during the customization process.

Although for large orders, screen printing still takes the day in terms of costs and meeting deadlines. This is because, with screen printing, we can print multiple garments at a time. On the other hand, digital printing requires multiple printers to speed up the printing process.

How Do I Know If I Am Buying Genuine Martials Arts Clothing?

Key aspects of quality martial arts clothing are fabric type, decoration technique, and construction quality.

If any of these compromises in quality, then it’s probable that the garment is not genuine.

Luckily, at Sky Raptor, we only sell authentic merchandise-no fakes.

So you can be sure that the order you receive is 100% genuine.

Sky Raptor is a legit Chinese manufacturer providing quality sportswear merchandise for your businesses, team, or organization.

We have been manufacturing and supplying sports uniforms for over 10 years now. All our raw materials are carefully sourced from reputable suppliers. In addition, we manufacture all items in our facilities following strict quality assurance and control practices.

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